Kusha Alexi, a young soloist at the Bavarian National Ballet, is selected by ballet director Konstanze Vernon to make her lead debut as ‘Giselle’ at the Munich National Theatre. However, unforeseen challenges arise when her dance partner, Oliver Wehe, falls ill with bronchitis just three weeks before the performance. In the words of Konstanze Vernon, a former prima ballerina, ’the suffering of one artist is the chance for another.’

Chance to Dance

With Konstanze’s guidance, another dancer, Christian Janole, steps in to save the show. Kusha’s debut transforms into a nerve-wracking endeavor for all involved. The film captures the intensity of rehearsals and psychological preparations, presenting a dual portrait of artistic development and the profound mentor-mentee bond between Kusha and Konstanze. Through coaching and conversations, the film unveils both the secrets of dance and the challenges inherent in a dancer’s life.