This documentary highlights one of only three pivotal moments in American history when Congress passed a bill by a single vote. It delves into the remarkable political journey of Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky, – MMM, – a freshman Democrat, who casts the deciding vote that saves President Clinton’s budget, preventing him from becoming a lame duck President in his first term. This courageous act, however, ignites controversy among her conservative constituency, challenging the notion of balancing personal convictions with political success.

MMM — A Portrait in American Politics

MMM raises the provocative question: Can politicians vote their conscience and still secure re-election?  Through the lens of Marjorie’s political journey MMM: A Portrait in American Politics sheds light on the role of women in politics, and offers an illuminating and, at times, unsettling depiction of the legislative system. Exploring the unique obstacles, biases, and societal expectations that women encounter in political positions, the film contributes to a deeper understanding of their experiences within the realm of American governance.