CHASE — a tale of ambition, adventure, and the clash between dreams and reality. The story follows Jenny Kertesch and Marco Amelio, audacious entrepreneurs leading the high-risk investment venture, Magic Hour Club. Their paths cross with Leonard Morgan, a determined submarine archaeology professor fixated on uncovering the sunken city of Phasis.

BERLIN! unfolds a German-Jewish love story amidst the fall of the Berlin Wall. Hanna Mandel, a doctoral student, and Victor Schenk, a clandestine hero of the underground movement, form a captivating connection. As Germany reunifies, their love faces challenges, revealing personal conflicts and shadows of the past.

FORTE FORTISSIMO is an enchanting and deeply touching journey into the world of music. The documentary follows the lives of five children as they navigate their musical paths throughout a year. Alongside their parents and teachers, who understand that music is the language of the soul, the film captures the essence of their musical journeys.

WHEN SILENCE SINGS is a portrait of the passionate silent film composer Aljoscha Zimmermann, who gives an entire genre, the film concert, a new life by breaking new ground from a cinematic and musical perspective. Irina Goldstein, Aljoscha Zimmermann’s older daughter accompanies her father on concert tours to Berlin, Paris and Moscow in this very personal documentary.

CHANCE TO DANCE is a touching documentary that accompanies the career of a young dancer, Kusha Alexi, a soloist at the Bayerisches Staatsballett on her way to becoming a prima ballerina and set to make her debut in the major role of „Giselle“ in the next theater season. The film shows the turbulence, problems and joys of stage life.

FANNY & FELIX tells the story of Mascha, a young pianist, who delves into the world of composer Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, inspired by a biography revealing Fanny’s overlooked genius, sparking Mascha’s curiosity. As Mascha delves deeper, she experiences a profound connection with Fanny’s spirit, visualizing her life through music and letters.

Nosferatu’s ABC: Action, Ballet, Cinema“ presents a nuanced narrative that intertwines drama, choreography, and excerpts from the silent film „Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror.“ The storyline explores intricate human relationships within the backdrop of life situations, encapsulating the essence of dance rehearsals in the theater and culminating in a captivating ballet premiere.

MMM — A PORTRAIT IN AMERICAN POLITICS explores a crucial moment in American history when Congress passed a bill by a single vote. It follows the political journey of Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky, a freshman Democrat, whose deciding vote saves President Clinton’s budget, sparking controversy among her conservative constituency and questioning the balance between personal convictions and political success.