Mascha, a young pianist, embarks on a journey into the world of composer Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, inspired by a biography revealing Fanny’s overlooked genius. Despite her stature as a prominent 19th-century composer, Fanny’s story remained largely untold until the 1990s, sparking Mascha’s curiosity.

Fanny & Felix

This cinematic journey explores themes of creativity, gender, and the enduring power of music, culminating in Mascha’s ambitious vision: a grand concert series across Europe to honor Fanny’s compositions and grant her the recognition she deserves. Mascha collaborates with young musicians and renowned masters to bring Fanny’s music to the forefront, sparking discussions on Fanny’s relevance in contemporary music. Through Mascha’s passionate endeavor, Fanny’s legacy is celebrated and her voice resonates anew in the hearts of audiences, bridging the gap between past and present.

The film intertwines modern-day exploration with historical vignettes, delving into Fanny’s life, challenges, and musical achievements. Mascha’s immersion into Fanny’s world leads her to uncover hidden manuscripts and connect with descendants, unraveling the layers of Fanny’s legacy. As Mascha delves deeper, she experiences a profound connection with Fanny’s spirit, visualizing her life through music and letters.