Berlin! is a German-Jewish love story unfolding against the historical backdrop of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In the late 1980s, in West-Berlin, Hanna Mandel and Victor Schenk meet – two individuals with different backgrounds and opposing worldviews.


When the Wall falls, their love is put to a severe test, as the reunification of Germany unleashes personal conflicts and reveals the shadows of the past with which both have to contend. The turning point (die Wende) casts a ambivalent light on the lovers, as Hanna increasingly suffers from the euphoria of the Wall’s fall, which threatens to suffocate respect for memory, while Victor struggles with the disclosure of his family history, shrouded for generations.

Hanna, an ambitious doctoral student in German history and a descendant of Holocaust survivors, is researching the „Integration of the Lost Generation.“ Victor, on the other hand, is a talented stage architect and a clandestine hero of the underground movement, secretly working for an underground organization that helps people move from East to West. Despite their apparent incompatibilities, an irresistible fascination develops between Hanna and Victor.